Here you will find some testimonials from our extended family who have adopted our puppies:

Hello Wendy and Doug,

We hope this note finds you healthy, happy and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. While watching the recent Westminster Dog Show we were reminded about how fortunate we were to discover this wonderful breed and land on your door over 20 years ago. (Yikes- time flies..) Thank you for answering and letting us in.

Pepper and Chelsea were exceptional dogs with unique and special characteristics that set them apart. Amazing and beautiful we miss them dearly.

Incredibly, while Gracie is her own girl in many ways, she also possesses a “greatest hits“ collection of both with the added bonus of being the “sweetest pea” of the group.

A charmer, a character, a racehorse, a social butterfly, emotionally connected, whip smart, up for any adventure and a spectacular retriever of frisbees....she cocks her head to listen (or is it posing for affect?) I’m convinced that when people walk by and say “what a beautiful dog “ she’s thinking- “ yes I am”...

She does like to get up with the roosters so perhaps not always perfect...😀

She’s a joy and we can’t thank you enough for choosing her for our family 3 years ago.

Until we catch up again, many thanks for all of our wonderful girls and all the best to you and your families.


Mark and Brenda

Winter is gorgeous (obviously), social, funny and super smart. She is already very well known in the neighbourhood and has been gifted with an unexpected number of toys and treats.

She is doing well with housetraining and walking on leash, she’s exploring her world and other dogs and adapting really well to all the stimulus of a busy neighbourhood.

Thank You again so much for gifting us with this beautiful creature. Each new puppy doesn’t replace the departed one, but is a continuation of the history of the joys this breed has brought.

Hope all is well with you and the human and dog family.

All the best,



“We first purchased a puppy from Butterblac Retrievers in 2005 and were impressed by the care and attention to detail they received as puppies. Our puppy became a member of our family for 15 years and had the gentle, people-oriented, easy going temperament we found characteristic of Butterblac dogs.  Now in 2020 we are thrilled to be starting over with a new puppy and found their standards and the characteristics of their puppies has not changed!  For anyone who is a Golden Retriever fan and seeing a true companion dog, I would highly recommend Butterblac Retrievers!”


Dear Wendy and Doug, It was such a pleasure to meet both of you and see your beautiful property. Picking up Finn was such a well organized and enjoyable visit. We are very grateful for your words of wisdom and advice. It is hard to believe that more than a week has passed since we brought our boy home. He has settled into our home and a routine quite well. Finn is a very confident, curious and cuddly pup. He absolutely loves being with us at all times and also seeks out the company of our other dog and cats. He attended a Drive-by birthday party yesterday for his “nana” and got almost as much attention as she did!

Finn has excelled at housebreaking and is doing very well with commands such as “leave it”and “off”.  He is comfortable on a lead and has been playing follow the leader with our 10 year old Flatcoat Lily. He just prances along so beautifully.

His crate was not his favourite place initially however he has grown to enjoy some quiet time in it during the day. Sleeping inside it has become fairly predictable the last couple nights with just one outside break at about 4am. We found a foraging mat to hide a treat or two in when we put him in his crate and it has worked extremely well. The mat doubles as a cozy spot to cuddle up once he’s settled. 

Thank you very much for allowing us to add Finn to our family. He will enjoy a life here filled with family, friends and fun!

Sincerely, The Bronkhorst Family, Wayne, Pamela, Lauren and Graham

Hi Wendy,

A birthday update. Luca is great! Healthy, happy, energetic and, as you’ll see from this year’s photos, loving all aspects of Prince Edward Island, spreading love wherever is goes. I always give you and Doug thanks for this wonderful companion. I hope all is well with you both.

(Often at the beach, always in the water)


Hi Wendy I hope you are all staying well. It's surprising how quickly time is flying. I can't believe our Ciara has turned 4 years old. She is a joy to have as part of our family, goofy one minute, sensitive and comforting just when we need it. Thank you so much for this treasure.


Hi Wendy, hope life is treating both you and Doug well.  Our little Betty crossed the 1 year mark with flying colors.  She's doing extremely well.  Her disposition to our other two flatties is less ball/retrieving and more focused on playing with other dogs.  If we go to a dog park with 35 dogs we know were going to be there a while so she can say hello to everyone.

All the best.

Jason, Leah, Shae, Tommy and Betty

Wendy:Just wanted to say, what a wonderful dog you and Doug bred.  We love his temperament and hope Butterblac continues to breed for years to come.We finally made it back to dog training school.  Ozzy has grown so much.  In our opinion he is a very quick learner.  He sits, lays down, plays dead, shakes a paw, rolls over, gives a pay, sits pretty, touch it, loves hide and seek, truck rides, walks,  and of course fetch.  He knows leave it,  stay, wait, heel.  We plan on enrolling him into intermediate obedience training.  Take Care Janet

I named the puppy “Cassius Clay” (“Cash”). He’s a great dog and amazingly calm for a one year old flat coat. 

His newest trick is to go through a whole downhill mountain biking track (like he has wheels). He does the jumps and berms, bridges and rivers...he thinks it’s the greatest thing and usually beats me to the bottom. Which means he’s going about 24/25 mph sometimes.

I hope you’re well and apologies again for being so out of touch! 


Natalie + Cash 

Congratulations to our two families in the North!

Ranger is settling in, a bit of crying but that seems to be passing now. Rowdy is quite taken with him and they are already playing together.

Thanks again,
Peter & Lissette
Dear Wendy and Doug,
We've been having a wonderful week with our darling little girl puppy whom we have decided to name Clover. She did extremely well on the ride to *** and has really made herself at home. She seems to have come pretty much already housetrained--thank you! In the course of the week she only went in the house twice, and she knows to go on the paper. We've been having lots of fun playing with her and introducing her to our circle of friends and neighbours. The children we know have all drawn pictures of her that are now displayed on our wall--the Clover gallery. 
Something we noticed right away is that she has a beautiful prancing gait. It's lovely to have such a proud and delicately moving animal. Her sit is also upright and dignified. She is a stunning little girl who enjoys pleasing her people.
We are grateful to you for this smart and beautiful pup
Jennifer & Elska
Hi Wendy and Doug,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Wellington. He is doing great - growing like a weed!!! He is doing very well with his crate at home - he is comfortable being in there and goes in there on his own when he is tired. We are still working on the car - he doesn't like being in the crate there, but he will get used to it! He is going to puppy class and is learning great manners - everyone comments on how well behaved he is.  He has been to the vet a few times - we try to go once a week to get him weighed and also to get him used to being there and comfortable - all the ladies there love him :)  He has been meeting dogs and people every day and just loves all of them!!!  Last night he met a very gentle Great Dane who's head was as big as Wellington.
Hello Wendy,
Baji is settling in perfectly. We are having great laughs seeing her experiencing quite a few tricks (caring objects bigger than her is her favorite and I must say ours as it is so funny to watch her running around the house with her big pillow!).
Sophie loves her new family!
It is very difficult to get a pic of Yukon as he is always on the move.  We r so enjoying him.  He is so sweet and very smart.  Still has that smile on his face and that tail never stops.  Growing like a weed and I would say just about trained.  Rings the bell on the door when he needs to go. 

Dear Wendy and Doug,
It was a month ago today that I picked up Luca. He whimpered softly for a few minutes and then slept for most of the long drive home. He is a smart, sweet, sensitive, fun-loving, beautiful little guy, housetrained in no time at all, making it all through the night sometimes now. He comes with me to the clinic most days, greets patients at the door, engages them in play (who could resist?), then mostly lies under the desk (or on my feet) while I work. Our second puppy class was this morning. Luca is the youngest in the class, masters new skills quickly (to some jealously of others I suspect!). He is the star of the class. Both instructors have come up at different times and commented on his wonderful temperament. I cannot express in words how much joy he has brought to my life and to everyone who meets him. Thank you for this amazing dog and for all your guidance along the way. 
With best wishes,

We are a little tired today but extremely happy with Lia she didn't sleep much last night but that's to be expected I am sure. She pretty much slept the entire way home in the car which was nice but I guess helped keep her up throughout the night I am sure.
A funny note as well I make cappuccino at home often and the first smell she got of that drove her nuts ! she wanted to climb right in the mug and drink it all ! I of course did not let her near it but she went crazy trying to get at it I am guessing just the smell of milk did it !

They love each other and Dyna (yes, Dyna) is right in there like a dirty shirt. “Nothing going scare me. I am a flatcoat retriever  I am special.”  We are having a great time.  She is very gentle and patient with Dyna. No yips yet from Dyna.  We are very impressed with Destiny’s patience as such a young adult. 

I want to thank you both for the wonderful beginning you have given our dogs. And imagine, through the ice storm and power outage. You must be so relieved it is over.  But, if Dyna is any indication, you did a fabulous job. 

Thanks again. More pics will be on their way.

Sandy and Al

 – the guy has been busy all day and is conked out – we love him and he is so easy to fit in –thanks to you and Doug I know it was hard to part with him – Jim
Hi Doug and Wendy,      Our little guy seems to be doing  well, house breaking is not bad, he will pee right when he gets outside.
Crate training is not bad either, last night he didn't wake up until 5am:) He hasn't had one accident in his crate.
We named him Alvin.

Hi Doug and Wendy,
Our new Butterblac’s Holly River (that is her name) is doing beautifully! She’s now fully adjusted to our home and we are having such fun with her. Thank you again for giving us a wonderful puppy. I will send you pictures and keep in touch with you, as she grows up.
Thank you,

Hi Wendy, We have named our puppy Buddy! He is settling in well. He cried most of the first night, halfway through the second and has slept through since. We have arranged a puppy play date for him this weekend to get some energy out. The kids love him, and love to play with him in the snow.
Thank you again,
The McQuade Family 
Hi Doug & Wendy,
We cannot believe that is has been five years since Solo was born.  So much has happened since we first brought him home and we apologize for not updating you more frequently.  Two years ago we lost our 14year old siberian and we have now started the process of looking for a second dog.  We are considering other breeds, however, we seem to always find ourselves looking back at the FCR.  Solo has been a perfect family dog, we now have a 3.5 year old daughter and they are the best of friends.  Likely this time around we will be looking at getting a female, and hopefully one with the same laid back disposition as Solo :)
We hope that you are both well, we look forward to hearing from you.

Just and update to let you know Dobby is settling in well.  The two dogs seem to spend most of the day playing and play fighting.  Dobby is very loving and is bonding well with us all. We are getting used to having 2 dogs in the way in the kitchen and 2 of them waiting in the same place an hour before food time. Dobby seems to constantly hungry but gaining weight and growing fast. The vet loved him and was very impressed with him at his first visit.

Moose Bell
July 16, 2000 - April 19, 2013
Last night, I said goodbye to my dear friend and family member. 
I am heartbroken, but incredibly thankful for the twelve and a half years of smiles, laughs, and love that this handsome boy gave us. 
Moose is very, very loved, and will be deeply missed. 

ONYX has been awesome!
She is so friendly and loving.  She only cried a little the first couple of nights.  Now she is getting used to it.
She was so hungry the first few days....and quite thirsty.  Is that normal?
She is very calm, and unbelievably attentive and looks you straight in the eye.  Like she is thinking like a person.  She already knows how to sit, and gives a paw!!!  About halfway to complete "potty trained."
We all love her sooo much!
Thank you for choosing her for our family.  She really is an angel heaven sent.
She is sooo part of our family now.
Warm regards,
Lydia and family

Hi Wendy and Doug,  Thank you again so much for Valo. We knew he would be off to a great start by getting him from you but he is absolutely unbelievable. We would say he is adjusting well but it seemed like the adjustment already occured on his first night here. Its amazing how smart he is and how quickly he learns. Valo runs to the door when he needs to go to his "spot" and will "hurry up", loves his crate, responds to his name, will sit on command and as of today will sit and stay. It seems as if his only goal is to please us and he is doing an amazing job at that.
Thank you again we couldn't have chosen better breeders,
Joel and Shilo
Hello Wendy and Doug!
Hope all is well with you both and all your pups! Its been a while since I last sent you an update. Molly is the centre of our world---Scott and myself are so very happy with our Molly.The neighbourhood adores her and say how well behaved she is and that she is a beautiful looking dog with lots of character.
We occasionally visit your web site and check  it out--particularly the testimonials. I see we are not alone in how we are enamoured with the flatcoats---she makes us so proud everyday.I have had dogs all my life--and they have all been so very special in their own way which defines them.They have been well documented with many a picture which captures their defining essence and our Molly is no exception.However I must say without any fear of contradiction that my family's testimony to the flatcoats is that if all of them are like our Molly Girl "They are the Best ! " You forewarned us when we first met that once you have a flatcoat you will be hooked for life. How very true that is!!! Everyone falls in love with her----she looks you in the eye--and the rest is history. Never--have I met any dog with such lovable character.She has a sixth sense in how to read every situation and has never disappointed us.Did I say we are very proud of her.INDEED WE ARE !!
Well --again thankyou--
Cheers Carolyn and Scott
Wendy and Doug,
Shadow is 8 months old now, and doing great! He is a happy, affectionate boy and a very quick learner. He did awesome in puppy school, and we are looking into taking his training further. Shadow is maturing into an incredibly handsome boy, and turns heads wherever we go. I take him to work with me regularly, and he loves to go on adventures with us. We go to the market, hiking, to the park, and on walks. He even went on the Poochie Power Walk to raise money for the Cambridge Humane Society! We are so happy with him, and love him dearly. He's perfect, and a very special member of our family! Thank you for another fantastic Butterblac Golden!!!
Heather and Corey
Sophie has a great appetite and (touch wood) has not had a single accident in the house. She goes into her crate on her own when she is tired, and wakes up full of beans and ready for fun. She is almost sleeping through the night... 4:30 am seems to be her party hour, but it's just the once and then she's back to bed.
She is walking beautifully around the block, trying to match Logan every step of the way. Sophie also prefers to go to the washroom in the same location in the yard which is very convenient for everyone involved. She sits when asked and comes when called. She wants to be a part of the action at all times.She loves everyone and is very much loved by all of us. Both of my sons adore her already! She just wants to please everyone and she has stolen all of our hearts.
I will always be grateful to you for this beautiful member of our family.

Dear Doug and Wendy,
Attached is our Leila taken 2 weeks ago she was just over 13 months old, how time flies.  She has now passed her intermediate training course.  I look forward to next year when I can put her in some sort of agility training, she can really move.  We are getting a reputation in the neighbourhood for having such a well trained and good mannered dog.  I am quite sure this is on her part and not ours, she is so precious.  Please let me know if the picture does not turn out.
Kind regards,

Hi Wendy!

We are really enjoying Zeke -- he is full of fun -- and a very loving puppy.  He is growing very fast!  We took him up north the the cottage last week -- and he really enjoyed it.  He was fabulous in the car and boat -- very quiet -- and slept for most of the car ride.


Hi Wendy and Doug, hope all is well, I am attaching a picture of Hannah for you, she is a wonderful dog and growing up really quickly, she loves food and water, we are really pleased with her. Have a great weekend!

Take Care

Dear Doug and Wendy,
This letter is well overdue, I can't tell you how much we love our Leila.  She is coming up for 6 months this week and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. We are going to have her spayed this weekend to help reduce her risk of cancer.  She just graduated from Beginner Puppy classes and I will put her in intermediate in January. 
Leila is just full of love and energy. She is walked at least 4 times a day at least one of those times is with her Chinese Charpe friend next door.  She goes to doggy day care once a week and my daughter takes her to the stables to play with a Rhodesian Ridge back  while my daughter rides.  I know you turned 3 people away from this litter and I can only assume that is how Leila came to be ours and we are so very grateful. She is just precious. Attached are a few pictures.
Thank you,

It's been almost 9 years since we bought Cedar from you.  I have to tell you we are so, so, so lucky to have our Cedar, or Cedy, as we often call her. People still stop us everywhere we go and comment on what a beautiful dog she is, and they love her temperament. She loves the water - whether it be a dirty swamp or rough choppy lake, she swims through it all.  She loves boats, whether big power boats or small canoes.  And I must say, she is so, so bright. She seems to know what time of the day it is. She always asks to go outside at the same time everyday to wait for Catherine to come home from school.  I can go on and on ... but to make it short, we got a "perfect dog." She is a true member of our family and "fits into our life" perfectly. I must thank you again. We continue to love her so much. I am glad you are still in the breeding business; we will definitely buy another puppy from you again. Enjoy a few snapshots of Cedar, now almost 9 years old. - Cedar last March 2009 (she loves snow) - Cedar swimming in Georgian Bay with Catherine. Thank you again for a perfect dog, Susan

"Hi Doug and Wendy! Here is a picture of Moose (a member of the "M" litter of 2000) at his favorite place - the backyard pond. He loves to stand on the rock and watch the koi, "his pets". He is a very happy and loving boy, and greets everyone with a big smile like the one in the picture - and he doesn't wag his tail; he wags his entire body!!! Moose has brought so much love and joy to our family, and we love him more than we could ever put into words. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful and beautiful dog."


Hi Doug, Hi Wendy... all is well at week 11 and a half.
Here's a link to a few snapshots we captured as we braved the first big Toronto snow dump of the season.                                                    As you will see, young Swe'gen has no problem keeping up to Dradel as well as a couple of Border Collies that are in our extended family.
 I would like to elaborate on our experiences with our pup but I don't know where to begin.  Swe'gen, like Dradel is having fun everyday.
I'll save it for a future email, for sure.
All the best and a big Merry Merry and a Seasons Greetings to you.  Cheers, Mike

Hi Wendy, sorry for not getting in touch with you sooner.  Wow, the puppy has taken us by storm!  Like having a baby in the house I can't get anything done!  We all absolutely love her!  She is soooo good.  I just don't know what else to say.  We are so happy to have her.  I introduced her to the beach on the weekend but the waves were going right over her head.  I will try again on a calmer day.  She is eating and sleeping beautifully.  Even the house training is going well.  I walk her on the leash a little each day to get her used to it. She has had lots of introduction as the kids have had all of their friends over to meet her.  I finally have the registration form filled out.  I will scan it and send as an attachment with some photos too. Thank you so much!! Bye for now, Barb

Hi Just a quick note to let you know how Cassie is doing.   Greeeat!!  She and Jasper get along so well.  Jasper is extremeley good with her, and very patient, considering she spends most of her waking hours biting him!!!  She comes very well when called, and I've taught her to sit and lie down.  I'm trying her on "roll over".  She almost gets the hang of it.  I still have a hard time getting her to be in the crate in the daytime without howling.   She is better at night now.  When I get a chance to figure out how to attach pictures to the E-Mail,  I'll eventually send you a picture of the dogs!!

Take care;   Donna

Hi Doug and Wendy!

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how great Oakley is doing!  He is quite a traveller and has already been on many adventures including the Relay for life, class picnic, parties and countless soccer practices!  He is a hit everywhere we go and attracts everyone, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who took time out of their Canada Day parade duties to pet him and give him a belly rub!  Wherever we are, he finds a shady spot to stay cool and has just discovered "swimming"! He is a wonderful dog and friend!  I have included some pictures...he is growing like a weed!!


Hi Wendy & Doug,

Just wanted you to know that Chester is great...the picture of health.  Anyway, he is so healthy, cute and growing up fast.

Thanks! Penny

Well, all is well with Jake!!! I just took him to the vets this morning for a needle and our little boy is 24 pounds !!! Don't worry, you can still feel his ribs !! Jake travels very well in the car, so we do take him everywhere we go. He likes the cottage, and he is really trying to take to swimming. Oliver, who cannot get enough of the water, has been trying to encourage Jake to swim, but we are unsuccessful as of today. We will send pictures, I promise. We will keep in touch.
Take care, Sue

Hi, Wendy and Doug

Little Sirius is doing well and has settled in nicely, eating well and doing just great on his housetraining. He's very clever.
Thank you so much for all your advice about the puppy. He's doing very well now, and sleeping through the night for about 5 hours, and 'settling down' in the crate or pen much better. I hope to get some pictures of him online
shortly and will let you know. Thanks,

Hi Wendy and Doug:

Well it has been about 6 weeks since Luna has joined our family and I thought I would give you an update.   She has such a great temperament, our vet was completely surprised (and pleased) with her...he normally has to get a helper in with ALL puppies to cut nails and give shots, Luna just stood there and let him do what he needed to do with me holding her.  We have started some basic training at McCann's and she is doing wonderfully!  When we are asked by anyone up there where we got her and we say Butterblac, they have nothing but wonderful things to say about you.  
Matthew and Luna have been pretty good together and the bond between them is growing day by day.  The usual scratches and accidental knock downs have happened, which have made Matt a little more cautious (but in my books that is a good thing).  Luna is also teaching me to be neater.....I never realized how many clothes I leave on my bedroom floor.....all I can do about it is laugh!

Luna is exactly what we wanted, thank you so very much.  
Monica and Steve Damiano

Hi Wendy and Doug,

Our hearts are blooming with lotsa love for our girl Molly!  She is doing great.  Housetraining is excellent- a few times she is running to the backdoor.  She is settling into a routine.  Updates to follow.

Thank you, Carolyn and Scott

Wendy and Doug,
Charger just turned a year old and we cannot express enough how much joy and laughter he brings us! He is lovable and mischevious, smart and full of energy. Since the day we brought him home it was apparent that the wait was worth it.  Having had other dogs in the past, I can honestly say that this breed excels in all things 'doggy' and Charger is everything we could want in a companion. Everywhere we go people comment on how gorgeous and well behaved he is! (of course we always agree!!) He goes everywhere with us - camping, hiking, car rides, swimming, baseball games. Thank you so much for helping to complete our little family :)
Amanda, Mike and Charger

Ryker is a complete joy!!  He really is a wonderful puppy although he
still is waking up 1-2 times in the night.  He's a very confident, but
laid back pup.  He really is wonderful and we're enjoying every minute
with him.  He comes to work every day with me so he's getting well
socialized and I get a lot of compliments on him.

I'm sending along some pictures although he's getting bigger every day.
He's 16lbs now and the pictures where taken the first couple of days he got home.  We'll be sure to keep you posted on his progress!!


Kyla & Marc
Dear Wendy and Doug,

Thank you again for the wonderful puppy you let us take home. Zoe is
doing very well.
She has adjusted perfectly to a new home and then to our son that was born a month after her arrival. Her only complaint is that she cannot play with him. They work on the same schedule, wake up at the same time, want our attention at the same time, etc. She is already going to a puppy school and does her best to embarrass her mummy and daddy. How come she seats automatically every time except for when
the trainer is watching us? It is a flat coat thing. I know.
Just today at a pet store we met a woman named Loretta who immediately recognized a flat coat and asked "Is it one of Doug Windsor's pups?"
Best wishes

Here are a few pictures of Harley.  He is a great dog that we love very much.  He is 6 months tomorrow and weighs about 55 lbs.  He walks well on the leash and is learning and doing a variety of commands.  We have had many compliments.  Thanks!

Sydney is five!  Here are some photos of him enjoying his annual vacation up north!  Hope you're well!  We adore Sydney!!

Bronwen, Steve, Erin and Brian Cunningham

HI Doug!

I just found your web site the other day and thought I’d send you some pictures of our dog Cooper (a member of the M litter from 2000). He is the apple of my eye – we just adore him!

Thank you for providing us with so many memories! Cooper is the best $800 I’ve every spent!

Kelly Meissner

Dear Wendy and Doug,

Marigold turned 1 on Sunday and We thought that you would like to know that she is a fine beautiful young lady.

We are getting so much joy from her and cant thank you enough for letting us have her.

Here are some pictures of her last year.

Byron & Charmaine

Dear Doug and Wendy,

I hope all is well with you both and that you are enjoying the recent good weather. I wanted to let you know that Keeper is doing really well and that we both love each other very much. She is the most gentle, loving dog I have ever met and although Carly remains huge in my heart, Keeper has found a new huge place there as well. She is a beautiful girl and she is enjoying a pampered retirement.  She is so good with kids, the elderly and with other dogs...and loves to cudlle in bed. Enjoy the summer and please keep me on your list for a female golden for next Spring. Keeper will make a great big sister.

Kind regards, Dianne

Hi Wendy and Doug,
I apologise for not having emailed you before now. I'd like to give you an update on the puppy, who we named George! He is causing all sorts of problems as the neighbourhood heartbreak, and getting quite a reputation for being cute! I'm getting requests from my single male friends to borrow him as a tool for meeting girls! We are extremely happy with him. He is healthy and growing well. The vet (a very enthusiastic man called Dr Bob) was pleased with him when they met a couple of weeks ago. He hasn't missed a single meal and has taken to lying down close to the food bowl 3-4 hours before he get's fed! Training is going quite well and we are taking him to puppy classes once a week. After a few weeks of having lots of scars on my hand he has now learnt to chew his toys and not his owners. Attached are some pictures (taken a couple of weeks ago, he is growing rapidly). Thanks for letting us have such a fine little fellow.  Paul and Alison

Hi Wendy and Doug, Hope all is well. We are having  a wonderful time with Shadow! He has a lively, sweet disposition and certainly lives up to his name.  He is always under foot, leaning in, or resting on the family. He is presently 63 pounds and stands 23" at his shoulders. He is long, lean and has a sleek coat with soft feathering.As a recent graduate of "puppy1" class, he has all the main commands understood. At the graduation class, Katherine showed the class the tricks that she has been working on. Shadow can "kiss" on demand, shake either paw, and when food is put on his paws, he will wait until she says to "take it". All the girls have special relationships with him. It turns out he is a true snow dog. He loves to burrow in the snow and run in the ditches on our walk to school. His dark coat looks striking against the white background plus I can see him at night with the bright backdrop.

Pictures will follow as soon as my girls take them off their cameras.


Hi Wendy and Doug,  
How are you doing?
I've attached a bunch of photos of Emma from this summer till now. She's such a sweet, loving dog; everybody loves her, but she loves everybody more!!! We are so happy with her, and Adam couldn't grow up with a better big sister! How are her littermates doing? Do you still have Kiwi?
I'll be back to work beginning of February, but hopefully we can make it over to your place one day for a reunion!
Jessica, Dan, Adam and Emma

Hi Doug and Wendy - We are having a great time with Shady. She has been a wonderful puppy ....sleeping well in the crate at night and eating well. She can sit and shake a paw already. We are attending puppy school every Thursday night and hope to continue that until she finishes every level. She has new challenge with the garland and the Christmas tree ornaments.

We hope that you and Wendy have a wonderful Christmas and we want to thank you for giving us such a lovely new member to our family.

Merry Christmas

Ann& Steve& Jackson & Justin